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- FRENCH Spellchecker: OK
- ITALIAN Spellchecker: OK
- SPANISH Spellchecker: OK
- GERMAN Spellchecker: OK
- AFRIKAANS Spellchecker: OK
- BRAZILIAN Spellchecker: OK
- BRETON (French language) Spellchecker: OK
- CATALAN Spellchecker: OK
- SCOTTISH Spellchecker: OK
- ESPERANTO Spellchecker: OK
- GALICIAN Spellchecker: OK
- Spellchecker: interlingua: OK
- Spellchecker: malay: OK
- Spellchecker: maori: OK
- Spellchecker: sardanian: OK
- Spellchecker: Swedish : OK
- Spellchecker: Irish OUT OF ORDER not working for sentences - Spellchecker: Norway : OK
- (norsk/nynorsk): OK.
- Portuguese: OK

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