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    Find a penpal > chocolatcitron :
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    Registration date: Wednesday 01 October 2014 at 14:17

    GENDER: female (63 years old)

    Country: France

    Department: Var (83) (On a map)

    About me:
    Hello and welcome! Ican't put this page properly. I don’t like the result of the presentation ofthis text. But for the pictures that's what I wanted. Sorry, it sounds sloppybut I've been doing things again for over eight hours, without getting theresult I wanted. Natureis essential to me: I love animals, plants, the planet Earth: I devote most ofmy readings and observations: the subject is so vast! Ihave been writing poems since I was 7 years old and I have been studyingEnglish since I was 10 years old in order to correspond with a friend of mine.Dyslexic, I mix everything, I have to use tricks to memorize what I learn ... Ilove learning, but only in the many fields that interest me!Positive,even on days when things don't go well, I cultivate humor and self-deprecationfor laughting. Be happy to live, there is always worse situations than yours,transform your daily life in a positive way, even when you are in the trough ofthe wave, you will also illuminate around you and become the engine that pushesto exceed your own limits. Thepresent is the only moment that counts. The past is already written, we mustuse it only to avoid repeating the mistakes that made our experimentation withlife, and the too hypothetical future is only the place of insatiable desiresthat gnaw at us and make us become envious and jealous. It really hurts us.Live every moment as if it were the last second of your life! Letus be amazed by the beauty and richness of life on this planet, let us respectit, since every species has its place, let's not play God! Whydid I choose « Chocolatcitron »? I love the combination of the twoingredients, I consume them every day. For the strength they represent, thesensuality, the delicate and sweet fragrances they diffuse, the subtlety of theirbitter, acidic, fruity, astringent tastes, the velvetiness of their grains,their crunchy and melting textures at the same time, the persistence of their longfinish, the development of their aromas, the harmony of their colors. Lemonrepresents the day, the sun, the light, the vivacity, the freshness of life,the quenching of my thirst for learning... Dark chocolate at night, forest,silence, depth, contemplation, careful observation, rest, time that stops on myhappiness...  Lemon always organic becauseI consume it whole, including bark, and chocolate (my favorite 100% cocoa grownin Central America... I'm a real connoisseur! )Thanks to Laurent Camus' brilliant site, the moderators, the proofreaders, and the variousauthors, all volunteers, to offer us as many resources, which we use at will,in order to progress at our own pace... and for your 'positive pedagogy' whichdoes not condemn when you miss your test: just start again to improve itsscore:try again honestly, because we only fight against our shortcomings! ;-) Happinessis when what you think, what you say and what you do, are in harmony. Have avery sweet day, but also a great day!  rn                   rn

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